17 Nov Hůga Bar Athletes and Ambassadors

Meet the Hůga Bar ambassadors and athletes!


After 18 years of competitive swimming, Molly has taken on competitive running, ultra-marathon distances and is training and aspiring for a spot at the Olympic trials (marathon distance). Molly is a NCAA D1 collegiate swimmer and 3-time North Face Endurance Challenge Wisconsin 50-mile run winner. She’s co-owner and coach at culvertraining.com and high school cross-country coach.

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I’m a dedicated trail runner and do my best to get on a trail every day if possible because being outdoors in nature is an important motivator for me athletically. With that in mind, I also get outside whenever I can to train multisport, play competitive tennis, or anything else that sounds fun and challenging. I believe that thoughtful nutrition is a key ingredient to athletic performance and to stay healthy and fit for enjoying life in general.


I’m an avid endurance/mid-distance athlete, but I could not pick just one sport! I have been a lifelong swimmer, started running for fun during the off-season. I recently started cycling competitively. As much as I love my hobbies, I also love my career as a veterinarian. I have 3 dogs who run with me.

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Arnaldo is an outdoor enthusiast, always looking to spend as much time as he can on a bike, trail, kitesurf, rock or any other thing that has to do with being outside. He enjoys any outdoor activity where his adrenaline levels are put to the test, and is constantly motivating people to try the same. He lives in the moment and knows how to appreciate unhurried times with a Hůga bar.


I am an adventurous and high spirited athlete. I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my friends and pets.  I always challenge myself and thrive on pushing past my limits. My passions are obstacle course racing, hiking, soccer, and trail running!


I work as a CrossFit coach and personal trainer at the lab gym. I have a passion for helping others find fitness through the vehicle of CrossFit as well as competing. When I am not spending my time training for what’s ahead I like to enjoy that valued time by relaxing and socializing with my closest friends and family.

wolfpack racing

The Wolfpack is a team of cyclists from Missouri, Mississippi, and New Mexico who share a unique dedication to the sport of endurance mountain biking. Other disciplines such as cyclocross and gravel racing are also events that team members participate in throughout the year. This team may be spread across the country, but they are all fueled by Hůga and united by their passion for all things cycling.


My passion is trail running, but really I just love to be in the great outdoors. I enjoy hiking, running with the jogging stroller, snow shoeing, skiing, and discovering new places. My favorite adventure buddies are my husband and our daughter. I hope to raise my daughter to appreciate nature, value family and community, and enjoy food that tastes good and is good for you. – Brigid


Hůga Bar ambassadors and athletes believe nutrition is key to their performance and wellbeing –yet a snack should always taste good. Our ambassadors and athletes are driven by a passion to be active, enjoy the outdoors, eat well and most importantly enjoy time with their family and friends, which around here we like to call having a huga moment. #hugamoment


If you would like to be a Huga Bar ambassador or athlete, we would love to hear from you. Send us an email to sayhello@hugabar.com