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How Hůga Began

In 2014, Luis Rivero and childhood friend Luis Mendoza—missing the flavors and traditions of their childhood and their travels through Europe and South America—got together to start Hůga. Luis Rivero co-founder & CEO I love making great meals. I love...

Hůga Bar Athletes and Ambassadors

Hůga Bar ambassadors and athletes believe nutrition is key to their performance and wellbeing –yet a snack should always taste good. Our ambassadors and athletes are driven by a passion to be active, enjoy the...

Introducing Hůga

We’re so excited to finally introduce Hůga. We’ve had a great time capturing—in the form of delicious, nutritious bars—so many wonderful flavors and traditions. Along with added protein, fiber, and great ingredients like flaxseed and...

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Hůga is Pick of The Week!

Hůga Bar is Pick of The Week for Cat Neville, publisher of Feast Magazine   Recently, Cat Neville, publisher of Feast Magazine and producer of Emmy-winner Feast TV, selected Hůga Bar as her Pick of The Week....

Inspired by Torta di Nocciole

Whenever we hear someone talk about the journey being as important as the destination, the process as important as the product, we think of torta di nocciole. We think, especially, of Amanda (grandmother of Luisa Mendoza), who was as patient as...

One + One = Hůga

The idea to create Hůga bars was the result of longing for the tastes we left behind when we moved to America. Taking inspiration from family recipes that originate in several parts of the world, and...

How to Say Hůga

Here are the ways we typically hear hůga pronounced: And here’s the best part: every one of those pronunciations is just fine by us. Instead of debating differences, we’d rather spend our time enjoying good food,...

Inspired by Bohemian Torte

There’s very little that’s more hůga than a kitchen filled with mixing bowls, laughter, and loved ones. Sounds wonderful, right? Maybe a bit idealistic? With our busy schedules and all the screens in our lives,...

Inspired by Spanish Turrón

We love Spain. We love its food, its traditions, its people, and its landscapes. On a recent road trip through Spain, we stopped in a small village (small, as in 20 houses) near Soria to...

5 Keys to Healthy Snacking

We are protein- and fiber-hungry. From food trucks to gas marts, protein and fiber claims are popping up everywhere, and for good reasons! One of those is increased awareness of their benefits, from maintaining a lean body to...

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Frequently Asked Qůestions

Are Hůga bars gluten free? Yes! All our bars are certified gluten free by GFCO and carry the GF seal. Celiacs and anyone trying to avoid gluten love us for that. Are Hůga bars GMO-free? Good question. Important...

Making Great Strides

In the fall of 2011, my oldest daughter María, at the time 11 years old, was diagnosed with a rare form of cystic fibrosis. After dealing with a mystery illness for several years, taking asthma...