16 Feb Inspired by Bohemian Torte

There’s very little that’s more hůga than a kitchen filled with mixing bowls, laughter, and loved ones. Sounds wonderful, right? Maybe a bit idealistic? With our busy schedules and all the screens in our lives, to tell stories and linger for hours over delicate pastries would, in itself, be a small miracle.

We make sure that such miracles occur as often as possible, not only as a matter of living the kind of life we want but also for the sake of preserving tradition. This type of hůga moment was passed down to us in the form of a Bohemian torte, a traditional cake that requires 10 layers of thinly rolled dough, baked two at a time while its dulce de leche filling is fussed over and checked every 20 minutes to make sure it remains balanced and sweet.

honey cake

Luisa Mendoza recalls the process this way:

As a child growing up in Venezuela, there was something magical about this cake. Along with my mother and sisters, I’d share in rolling the dough as my abuelita told us about her childhood in Moscow, where she learned to make this cake, which she knew as Medovik. She was so patient and sweet the way she taught us, gliding about the kitchen and instructing us with stories about growing up in Russia before moving halfway across the world to Venezuela. Her life story was itself a manual for the patience and optimism that we were exercising while preparing this very elaborate, demanding cake.

My favorite part was assembling the pieces. Layer by layer, I’d add dulce de leche, licking my fingers as often as I could, while my sisters would crush and sprinkle walnuts over the top. I cherish these kitchen moments so much and love being able to share them with others.

Moments like these are so important, so magical. How fitting, then, that this Medovik, this Bohemian torte, is, in some areas of Eastern Europe, also called “Miracle Cake” or “honey cake.”


We hope that the layers of flavor in our Bohemian Torte bar give you a taste of this hůga moment. Whether you’re planning a get-together, going for a hike, enjoying a quick break, or just need a lift, our Dulce de Leche, Oat and Walnut Hůga bar is a healthy snack alternative worth celebrating and sharing. And this is just one of several bars inspired by hůga moments, all of which you can order through our store.