03 Feb Frequently Asked Qůestions

Are Hůga bars gluten free?

Yes! All our bars are certified gluten free by GFCO and carry the GF seal. Celiacs and anyone trying to avoid gluten love us for that.

Are Hůga bars GMO-free?

Good question. Important question! Every bar is GMO free.

Do you use any artificial ingredients or preservatives?

Never artificial ingredients or preservatives. That’s why Hůga bars taste so fresh. 

Do you add vitamins and minerals to Hůga bars?

No way! No vitamin supplements here. For sure, our bars provide vitamins and minerals that occur naturally in the ingredients. Unfortunately, many bar companies supplement their bars with vitamins and minerals, and with them you get an unpleasant smell and aftertaste. 

How did you come up with the nutritional profile of Hůga bars?

We believe that a snack should be healthy, so we pack our bars with protein and fiber for their nutritional benefits. We use sweeteners like dates and honey as much as possible and use coconut sugar. We add nuts that provide healthy oils and other superfoods like quinoa and flaxseed. In other words, we let nature, good taste, and nutrition guidelines inform the makeup of our bars!

What type of fiber do Hůga bars have?

We use an all natural prebiotic fiber that comes from tapioca. This natural source of dietary fiber regulates digestive function, offers cardiovascular benefits, and specializes in the transition from morning to afternoon.

What about protein?

We use combinations of dairy proteins and soy proteins. Each bar has a different combination of these proteins that is based on the best taste possible.

Where are Hůga bars made?

Hůga bars are made, proudly, in America.