05 Feb 5 Keys to Healthy Snacking

We are protein- and fiber-hungry. From food trucks to gas marts, protein and fiber claims are popping up everywhere, and for good reasons! One of those is increased awareness of their benefits, from maintaining a lean body to taking care of the sensitive and critical digestive system. Beyond those, and perhaps more important, is that our culture demands convenience. While we’re proponents of savoring moments and being conscious about the pace of our lives, we’re also realists, and we know how necessary it is to have nutritious snack options. In other words, it’s important that we don’t sacrifice what our bodies need for what our schedules require. We created Hůga Bars to help meet the need for healthy snack options, and we developed those bars according to these five principles of healthy snacking.

healthy snacking

Get Rich with Nutrients

It’s important to get foods rich in protein and fiber because they satiate us, help keep us fuller longer than foods that are dense in carbohydrates only. These foods also have a lower glycemic index, which helps us control blood sugar and avoid crashes.

Fatten Your Bites with Healthy Oils

Don’t be afraid of fat. For too many years we’ve been bombarded with products that are low in fat, fat free, 2%, 1% and so on… Much fat is good, especially fats from sources like nuts and olives, among other foods.

Know that Size Matters

Nutrition experts recommend that going without eating for more than three hours is not conducive to maintaining a healthy weight. A good habit is to have a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon to avoid getting to lunch and dinner so hungry that you could eat an entire buffet. A snack should be a snack: 30-60grs of a nutrient dense food is enough to keep most people going between meals.

Have Good Taste 

Never compromise on taste. If you do, you’ll end up going for the bag of chips or the candy bar. With the right amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrates, taste will not suffer and your body will feel better.

Stock Up!

Make it a habit to keep on-hand a good stash of healthy snacks, like nutrition bars, almonds, peanuts, pistachios or cheese. Our bodies crave nutrition, but our souls need variety, from taste to texture to type of snack.

Healthy snacking can go a long way toward maintaining balanced energy levels and a lean body, and above all, it can do a world of good for the way we interact with our environment and with each other. We hope that you’ll make Hůga Bars part of your snacking life (learn more about their nutrition profiles here), and we hope even more that you’re living a life full of celebration and sharing!