27 Feb How Hůga Began

In 2014, Luis Rivero and childhood friend Luis Mendoza—missing the flavors and traditions of their childhood and their travels through Europe and South America—got together to start Hůga.


Luis Rivero

co-founder & CEO

I love making great meals. I love nuanced flavors, great ingredients, and “shareability.” Raised in Caracas, Venezuela, I moved to the US in 2003, but when I got here, I was so busy that I lost the time I needed to prepare those foods that I love. On rare occasions, I would have the time and privilege of introducing friends to some of my favorite Latin flavors and European dishes, but those times were few and far between. So I became obsessed with finding a nutritious snack that offered the flavor profiles I enjoyed. After looking for far too long without success, I decided to quit searching and do what I enjoy most: make and share. And that’s where Hůga comes in. Hůga is me making, celebrating, and sharing the flavors and nutrition I love with those who, like I did, want big flavors and great nutrition but don’t always have time for them.

Luis Mendoza

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years hovering over grills and sitting around tables with my friend Luis R. Not only are we in agreement when it comes to our love of food preparation, we’re in perfect agreement that life should be savored, that traditions should be both celebrated and shared.

Part of my desire to share comes from my wife Luisa, who has celiac. One of the most challenging aspects of our relationship to food, as those with food allergies and intolerance know, has been the difficulty in finding flavorful, nutritious treats that both of us can enjoy. So, together with Luis R., I decided to merge our passions for tradition, travel, and good food into a gluten-free bar that transports us to the family kitchens of our past and that, in the process, introduces delicious new flavor profiles to our friends in the States.

We hope that you enjoy Hůga Bars as much as we’ve enjoyed the process of developing and sharing them with you. And we hope that these bars bring you more sharing, more celebration, and, most of all, more hůga.