18 Feb One + One = Hůga

The idea to create Hůga bars was the result of longing for the tastes we left behind when we moved to America. Taking inspiration from family recipes that originate in several parts of the world, and with some great help along the way, we started the company with three delicious bars that represent our cultures, our traditions, and our relationship.

From the beginning, relationship has played a foundational part in our story. Luisa and I cherish the time we’ve spent together in creating Hůga bars and turning those longings for home into a reality. We’re so happy for Hůga to have become a part of us, and we are anxious to continue in this wonderful venture.


When you eat a Hůga bar, we hope that the flavors give you a sense of the cultures, traditions, and relationships that brought us together. And, as important, we know that our flavorful bars will reward you with excellent nutrition. From our first hůga moment as a couple to launching this brand, our mission has been to eat well, to celebrate good nutrition, and to share with others, and we look forward to more.

With gratitude,

Luis & Luisa