11 Feb Inspired by Spanish Turrón

We love Spain. We love its food, its traditions, its people, and its landscapes. On a recent road trip through Spain, we stopped in a small village (small, as in 20 houses) near Soria to visit some dear friends. Those few days, to risk cliché, truly fed our souls, and they did so through food.

Using words alone, I can’t capture the joy of gathering at the back terrace of our friends’ house and sharing iberico ham, olives, anchovies, bread, and of tinto de verano (red table wine, lime soda, and ice). No one was in a hurry, all the kids were playing outside, and there wasn’t a cellphone or screen in sight—just good food, good drink, conversation, and each other.

After appetizers, we enjoyed a gorgeous paella, which, on its own, would have been enough, but eating at a table, beneath a tree, with a beautiful view of the valley, sharing old stories and laughing, well . . . .


For dessert, and a symbolic summary of the entire day, was turrón, a traditional Spanish dessert made with almonds, honey, and eggs. We passed it around the table and enjoyed until we couldn’t have possibly been more satisfied.

Spanish turron

As I said, I can’t capture the joy of that time using words alone, but we have tried to share some of its goodness with our Almond and Honey bar, which is inspired by Spanish turrón and which embodies those hůga moments, where time seems to have stopped, where celebrating and sharing life is its own end.

We hope that the flavors transport you, but we’ve also ensured that our Almond & Honey bar makes your body happy, so we packed it with 10g of protein and 6g of dietary fiber, sweetened it naturally with honey and dates, and fortified it with quinoa and flaxseed.

almond and honey bar

Whether you’re planning your own road trip, going for a hike, enjoying a quick break, or just need a lift, our Almond and Honey Hůga bar is a healthy snack alternative worth celebrating and sharing. And this is just one of several bars inspired by hůga moments, all of which you can order through our store.