21 Feb Inspired by Torta di Nocciole

Whenever we hear someone talk about the journey being as important as the destination, the process as important as the product, we think of torta di nocciole. We think, especially, of Amanda (grandmother of Luisa Mendoza), who was as patient as she was firm in her mastery of the kitchen.

That combination, in our minds, is what people often refer to as “craft,” which is exactly the right term to use when talking about torta di nocciole, three delicate layers of cake interspersed with three layers of chocolate and nocciola cream all wrapped up in three hours of time spent in the kitchen with a grandmother like Amanda, who according to Luisa, somehow managed to produce a perfect torta di nocciole amid the commotion of grandchildren enjoying board games and telling ceaseless jokes and stories.

torta di nocciole

All those sounds—the mixing of ingredients, laughter, voices—would bring Amanda back to her childhood in the Alps, where, among the flowers and throughout the town squares, families gathered for Saturday afternoon tea and torta di nocciole, a tradition passed down to Amanda, through Luisa, and now shared with you in the form of this bar, which we hope brings you the same joy it brings us.

We hope that these flavors transport you, but we’ve also ensured that our Hazelnut Chocolate Bar makes your body happy, packing it with 9g of protein and 6g of dietary fiber, sweetening it naturally with dates, and fortifying it with quinoa and flaxseed.

hazelnut chocolate bar


Whether you’re planning your own family gathering, going for a walk, enjoying a quick break, or just need a lift, our Hůga Hazelnut & Chocolate bar is a healthy snack alternative worth celebrating and sharing. And this is just one of several bars inspired by hůga moments, all of which you can order through our store.